Fire Emblem Heroes Hack

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Some tips for Fire Emblem Heroes


  • Spend an orb early to upgrade your castle. It gives a 20-percent experience gain boost to your units.
  • It’s tempting to run to the summoning circle to get a hero anytime you have five orbs, but it’s better to save them until you have 15-20 since the cost for summoning heroes goes down the more you summon during a session.
  • Make sure you use your four team slots effectively. Have a swordsman for up-close offensive strikes, Have an archer for taking out air units, as well as an air unit yourself. Enlist a support unit capable of buffing other players. Basically: employ a unit for every occasion on your team. If you don’t, you’re gonna get squashed.
  • Explore the menus. The game does a poor job of explaining its systems, like how you can upgrade your units by accessing the Allies option at the bottom of your castle screen. Be sure to poke around a bit. Don’t trust the tutorial to explain everything to you.
  • During battle, click on the “Danger Area” button to see all the tiles enemy units are capable of moving to during any given turn.
  • Check the fountain! As you play through the game, you’ll complete certain small quests – like defeating a certain kind of enemy a number of times – which reward you shards or even orbs that you can use to unlock characters or level up the ones you have. You have to access the fountain on your castle screen to claim those rewards. It will glow gold when you have rewards.
  • Keep an eye on what you’re earning through battles. Every time a character levels up they earn “SP,” which you can use in the Skills menu to give them special abilities, like a higher defense buff or a stronger special attack.
  • Be sure to fight in the Training Tower and Special Maps. While there is a lengthy campaign that you can play over and over again, both of these modes offer special rewards for playing them (like unique units) that you can’t get in the campaign.


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