Rush Wars Hack – how to get Free Gems and Gold Coins [iOS, iphone, Android]

The feeling of disappointment is all that gamers feel when they are trying to find Rush Wars Hack. They want to own a tool that can provide gems and gold for free, but they all come across fake and counterfeit samples. If you have come here and have such that idea then you are very lucky, we can provide you with a real hack for this game.

Rush Wars Hack – How to get tons of free Gems, Gold Coins

Welcome to our Rush Wars group! I’m happy to introduce the true Rush Wars Hack that accepts you to take a load of free Gems just in some minutes. Players around the world are paying for this premium currency with a not-cheap price ($139,99 for 14000 gems) so this Rush Wars Cheats is the best choice at present.

Supercell is the developer of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Brawl Stars and now Rush Wars. All are strategy games and require players to invest and upgrade their warriors by making in-app purchases. Rush Wars is no exception! You must have a lot of Gems and Coins (or Gold) to become a tough player, that can challenge and defeat other players. There is an important reason to explain. These resources are the way to upgrade your cards or buildings to raise your abilities of attacking and defending. Help players get tons of free Gems Rush Wars is main mission that we’ve aimed at. Specially, you can do that in any mobile devices, both Android and iOS are supported comprehensively.

If you want to access Rush War Hack for Android or iOS to get free Gems and Gold, click the red button below with label “Rush Wars Generator” to open:

Rush Wars Hack - Rush Wars Generator

Rush Wars Hack – Fastest Way to defeat other opponents

Although Rush Wars is free to play game, I’m sure you will face a lot of of troubles if you experience this game without making in-app purchases. There are hundreds of tasks that you have to insert Gems and Coins to pass through: Keys to unlock chests, Cards to improve your troops, EXP to level up,… This free Rush Wars Cheats is the necessary condition for you to defeat other opponents and win rounds. Keep going, your name will be listed on the leading board soon.

We are really happy to build successfully this tool and hope it will bring you and other Supercell fans a lot of exciting things. Your support will be the motivation for our future products.

Rush Wars Hack Generator Features:

  • Unrestricted Gems and Gold — You can get any quantity of desired Gems and Gold to master the game.
  • Account Safety measures — No reason to worry about Banning. You will be harmless together with Anti-ban program code.
  • No Download, because it’s an online solution.
  • Tested on many configurations and operating systems, including android and iOS.
  • We verify and revise this Rush Wars hack hourly.

So, if you’re seeking for a geniune Rush Wars Hack, then visit:

Rush Wars Hack - Rush Wars Generator

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Rush Wars Tips and Cheats:

1. Collect free chests regularly

Every three hours, you will receive a free chest from the game that help you get some free cards or coins. But the irony is that you can only keep 2 chests at a time. That means: if you do not open the old chests, you will not be able to get more chests and lose benefits.

Try to log in regularly each day to collect as many free chest as you can.

2. Upgrade HQ va Chopper

These two buildings are vital for your overall progress but you will have to spend a big amount of resources to upgrade them. After levelling up your HQ, you will get new cards and generate more coins. You also have the right to level up your Chopper.

All us want to own more units on the battle and after levelling up Chopper, this issue will be improved. More units will help you deploy attacks and organize defenses better.

3. Do not upgrade all soldiers but focus on a few main soldiers

Most beginners usually spend more gold to upgrade all the troops and cards they have. But this is a futile and drained of precious gold. Moreover, the strength did not improve much because it spread out in large numbers.

Therefore, instead of upgrading all the soldiers and cards, it will be good for you to choose some of the soldiers and cards you use most to upgrade to the maximum. These soldiers and cards will be significantly stronger and help you get more victories on the battlefield.

4. Join a new group

Teams are very important to everyone. If you join any group, then you will get help from them to receive defensive items, the reward is a high-level HQ card (eg Rocket Trap, Tesla, Freeze mine, …).

All this will help you become stronger and get 3 stars easier.

5. Attack many battles and receive keys – Unlock Chests

Every 4 turns, you will receive free chests that will award rewards, additional cards and soldiers, gold. But you need the key to unlock that box. So to get more keys, you need to win more and more battles and attacks. So make more attacks and get more keys.

6. Start attacking more and get more boxes

There is no limit to the attacks. So many attacks will give you more boxes and these boxes help you unlock gold, new cards and new soldiers. So start more attacks and get more boxes from the attacks.